Meet Bobby Maybee DC
Dr. Maybee brings a bit of that laid back coastal California charm to his practice.

He moved to Portland, Oregon over seventeen years ago to attend Western States Chiropractic College. His desire to become a chiropractor was first discovered after suffering an injury serving as a medic in the US Air Force.

Bobby's priorities are to his family and keeping his patients happy and healthy.

He's also into the outdoors, his black lab Jett, relentlessly chasing Pacific Northwest steelhead and salmon, and spending time with his (rather large) family.


Dr. Maybee believes that getting to the cause of a condition is important. He also believes that healing and recovery is a team effort, not just between teams of doctors, but doctors and patients as well. Self reliance and self determination are recurring themes in the clinic, because as a patient, you don't have your health until you own it yourself.

Bobby always keeps his patient's care at the center of his practice. He is dedicated to giving them the highest level of evidence-informed care.

Commitment To Chiropractic Excellence
Leading The Way Forward In Chiropractic Care

Ever since Dr. Bobby was studying in chiropractic college, he knew that so much more could be done to advance the chiropractic profession. This led Bobby to found the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance, a group of over 8000+ chiropractors from all around the world who share a passion for providing chiropractic care for patients that is rooted in the best of modern scientific research. 

Bobby travels around the world sharing his passion and growing in his own expertise to be the best chiropractor to his patients and leader to his peers.

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