Thorough History and Examination 

We know how it goes to be a person in pain.  You want it to go away.  You want it to go away fast.  And you want it to go away without taking up too much of your time and money.  We can do that.  However, we have to do that without sacrificing thoroughness.

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Manual Mobilizations and Therapies (The Adjustment)

Adjustments and soft tissue therapies are matched to meet your preference.  Do you feel like you need gentle and light?  We can do gentle and light.  Need someone to "drop the hammer" and "get things to move"?  Yes we can do that too.  Each person is different, therefore each approach is different to match.

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Rehab and Therapeutic Exercise

Sometimes the solution to a patient's challenge is a manual therapy one.  Sometimes it is a rehab one.  Many times it's a combination of both.  That is why it is integral to incorporate some level of rehabilitation, from in office guided work to home based exercise.  

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Education and General Wellness Advice

We are about empowerment and self reliance in our office.  That is what our education is based upon.  We pride ourselves on not building "dependent" patients.

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Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Accident Case Management

While it is typically not thought of as a "service" to care for personal injury victims, here in our office we understand the extra detail that is required to manage a personal injury claim properly.  This is based on years of experience with personal injury cases.  The medical-legal aspect of managing motor vehicle accident cases in an added layer of service we take pride in.  From managing care, to making proper referrals to other providers, to the report writing process so that it all flows as seamlessly as possible is a service we take pride in.

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